Sales and Marketing Bundle

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Sales and Marketing Bundle

Sales and Marketing Bundle

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Bundle and save! This is a bundle of training materials for sales and marketing courses. Everything you need to deliver professional one-day workshops, tailored to your exact needs!

Trainer's guide, workbooks, PowerPoint slides, activities, exercises, and more! All fully customizable and print-on-demand.

This is a one-time investment for all of these courses: lifetime licensing for an unlimited number of workshop participants.



Course Outline

Body Language Basics
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Communicating With Body language
  3. Module Three: Reading Body Language
  4. Module Four: Body Language Mistakes
  5. Module Five: Gender Differences
  6. Module Six: Non-Verbal Communication
  7. Module Seven: Facial Expressions
  8. Module Eight: Body Language in Business
  9. Module Nine: Lying and Body Language
  10. Module Ten: Improve Your Body Language
  11. Module Eleven: Matching Your Words to Your Movement
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Call Center Training
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: The Basics (I)
  3. Module Three: The Basics (II)
  4. Module Four: Phone Etiquette
  5. Module Five: Tools
  6. Module Six: Speaking Like a Star
  7. Module Seven: Types of Questions
  8. Module Eight: Benchmarking
  9. Module Nine: Goal Setting
  10. Module Ten: Key Steps
  11. Module Eleven: Closing
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Creating a Great Webinar
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: What Can a Webinar Do?
  3. Module Three: Successful Webinar Criteria
  4. Module Four: Find the Right Format
  5. Module Five: Marketing and Social Media
  6. Module Six: Drive Up Registration
  7. Module Seven: Leading up to Your Webinar
  8. Module Eight: Presentation Tips
  9. Module Nine: Interacting With Your Audience
  10. Module Ten: Mistakes To Avoid
  11. Module Eleven: Post Event
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Employee Recognition
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: The Many Types Of Recognition Programs
  3. Module Three: Designing Employee Recognition Programs
  4. Module Four: How To Get The Buzz Out About Your Program
  5. Module Five: It Starts From The Top!
  6. Module Six: Creating A Culture Of Recognition
  7. Module Seven: The Best Things In Life Are Free!
  8. Module Eight: A Small Gesture Goes A Long Way
  9. Module Nine: Pulling Out The Red Carpet
  10. Module Ten: The Don’ts Of Employee Recognition
  11. Module Eleven: Maintaining Employee Recognition Programs
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Event Planning
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Types of Events
  3. Module Three: Brainstorming
  4. Module Four: Types of Entertainment
  5. Module Five: Support Staff
  6. Module Six: Technical Staff
  7. Module Seven: Vendors
  8. Module Eight: Finalize the Plan
  9. Module Nine: Administrative Tasks
  10. Module Ten: Get Organized
  11. Module Eleven: Post Event Activities
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Internet Marketing Fundamentals
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: SWOT Analysis in Marketing
  3. Module Three: Marketing Research
  4. Module Four: Real Time Marketing
  5. Module Five: Brand Management
  6. Module Six: Social Media (I)
  7. Module Seven: SEO Basics
  8. Module Eight: Social Media (II)
  9. Module Nine: Website Characteristics
  10. Module Ten: Capturing Leads
  11. Module Eleven: Campaign Characteristics
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Marketing Basics
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: What is Marketing?
  3. Module Three: Common Marketing Types (I)
  4. Module Four: Common Marketing Types (II)
  5. Module Five: The Marketing Mix
  6. Module Six: Communicating the Right Way
  7. Module Seven: Customer Communications
  8. Module Eight: Marketing Goals
  9. Module Nine: The Marketing Funnel
  10. Module Ten: Marketing Mistakes (I)
  11. Module Eleven: Marketing Mistakes (II)
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Media and Public Relations
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Networking for Success (I)
  3. Module Three: Networking For Success (II)
  4. Module Four: The Meet and Greet
  5. Module Five: Dressing for Success
  6. Module Six: Writing
  7. Module Seven: Setting Goals
  8. Module Eight: Media Relations
  9. Module Nine: Issues and Crisis Communication Planning
  10. Module Ten: Social Media (The PR Toolkit)
  11. Module Eleven: Employee Communications
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Overcoming Sales Objections
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Three Main Factors
  3. Module Three: Seeing Objections as Opportunities
  4. Module Four: Getting to the Bottom
  5. Module Five: Finding a Point of Agreement
  6. Module Six: Have the Client Answer Their Own Objection
  7. Module Seven: Deflating Objections
  8. Module Eight: Unvoiced Objections
  9. Module Nine: The Five Steps
  10. Module Ten: Dos and Don'ts
  11. Module Eleven: Sealing the Deal
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Presentation Skills
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Creating the Program
  3. Module Three: Choosing Your Delivery Methods
  4. Module Four: Verbal Communication Skills
  5. Module Five: Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  6. Module Six: Overcoming Nervousness
  7. Module Seven: Creating Fantastic Flip Charts
  8. Module Eight: Creating Compelling PowerPoint Presentations
  9. Module Nine: Wow ‘Em with the Whiteboard
  10. Module Ten: Vibrant Videos and Amazing Audio
  11. Module Eleven: Pumping it Up a Notch
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Proposal Writing
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Understanding Proposals
  3. Module Three: Beginning the Proposal Writing Process
  4. Module Four: Preparing an Outline
  5. Module Five: Finding Facts
  6. Module Six: Writing Skills (I)
  7. Module Seven: Writing Skills (II)
  8. Module Eight: Writing the Proposal
  9. Module Nine: Checking for Readability
  10. Module Ten: Proofreading and Editing
  11. Module Eleven: Adding the Final Touches
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Prospecting and Lead Generation
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Prospecting
  3. Module Three: Traditional Marketing Methods
  4. Module Four: New Marketing Methods
  5. Module Five: Generating New Leads
  6. Module Six: Avoid Common Lead Generation Mistakes
  7. Module Seven: Educate Prospects
  8. Module Eight: The Pipeline
  9. Module Nine: Follow up Communication
  10. Module Ten: Track Activity
  11. Module Eleven: Create Customers
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Sales Fundamentals
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Understanding the Talk
  3. Module Three: Getting Prepared to Make the Call
  4. Module Four: Creative Openings
  5. Module Five: Making Your Pitch
  6. Module Six: Handling Objections
  7. Module Seven: Sealing the Deal
  8. Module Eight: Following Up
  9. Module Nine: Setting Goals
  10. Module Ten: Managing Your Data
  11. Module Eleven: Using a Prospect Board
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Telephone Etiquette
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Aspects of Phone Etiquette
  3. Module Three: Using Proper Phone Language
  4. Module Four: Eliminate Phone Distractions
  5. Module Five: Inbound Calls
  6. Module Six: Outbound Calls
  7. Module Seven: Handling Rude or Angry Callers
  8. Module Eight: Handling Interoffice Calls
  9. Module Nine: Handling Voicemail Messages
  10. Module Ten: Methods of Training Employees
  11. Module Eleven: Correcting Poor Telephone Etiquette
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Trade Show Staff Training
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Pre-Show Preparation
  3. Module Three: Booth Characteristics and Setup
  4. Module Four: Booth Characteristics and Setup (II)
  5. Module Five: During the Show (I)
  6. Module Six: During the Show (II)
  7. Module Seven: Qualifying Visitors
  8. Module Eight: Engaging the Right People
  9. Module Nine: The Rules of Engagement (I)
  10. Module Ten: The Rules of Engagement (II)
  11. Module Eleven: After the Show
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

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Each courseware kit contains everything
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Lifetime License – Unlimited Audience
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  • Since purchasing the course material I have already made my money back by conducting training in both customer service and workplace harassment. Both courses went very well. I am very happy with the material!

    Ashley Willis,
    Houston Training Solutions

    The training products I received from your company are fantastic! I am thoroughly impressed and they have far exceeded my expectations in quality and professionalism. The customer service and attention to detail provided is outstanding! You designed a training package that more than meets my needs. Thank you!

    Pamela Wiggins
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  • Thank you so much for your note, and for the professionalism of all the Corporate Training Materials team, that made my dealing such a very pleasant experience.

    Mohamed Abdelrazek,
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    Thanks for the excellent experience we had with your organization.
    I know, it's been a year already and all what we have experienced is EXCELLENCE. We are very, very pleased and it was one of the best investments that we had during last year. I thank you again for the great assistance your material were to us, and for the great investment we had with your organization.

    Maisa Karkotli
    OUSOS HR & Institutional Development
  • When I came upon your training library I was intrigued. I not only purchased the soft skills package, my VP of HR suggested we get the Microsoft package as well.

    Peggy Ann Anderholm
    Manager, Education and Workforce Development
    Marvin Windows and Doors

    Thank you so very much for the entire set. I am very happy to see how professionally you have made each training module. I am sure this will help me a lot to start my training business. It has really saved my time.