Storyline eLearning Library

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Storyline eLearning Library

Storyline eLearning Library

Easily edit engaing and interactive eLearning!


Each eLearning course includes:

Self-paced versions of our training materials
Access to edit the eLearning Content
Knowledge checks and post tests for learner comprehension


Monthly payment plans now available – call for details!

Individual titles start at $990 - for more details, call toll-free 1-877-610-3665 today.

For organizations aiming to tailor eLearning content to their specific needs, our Storyline eLearning Library provides editable Storyline versions for all our courses. These Storyline "source files" can be fully customized using the Articulate Storyline 360 desktop application, allowing virtually unlimited customization and rebranding of the training programs. Although Storyline offers extensive capabilities, utilizing these features to their fullest potential typically requires some development experience or technical proficiency. This solution is ideal for organizations with specific content requirements and the resources to invest in skilled content development.

Additionally, by having access to the source files, organizations can integrate specific branding elements, adapt the curriculum to align with internal training goals, or even translate the training topics for different regional requirements. This level of customization not only improves learner engagement by providing relevant and targeted learning experiences, but also enhances the overall effectiveness of training programs for larger enterprises.

The Storyline eLearning Library is available now for $8,988 or 12 payments of $749 (call for details). You will get immediate access to the complete library of Storyline source files. Then edit, rebrand, and easily publish content for your LMS to train an unlimited number of learners! This one-time investment ensures that your training materials remain dynamic and adaptable to future changes and advancements in your organization’s strategies and training goals.


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  • Since purchasing the course material I have already made my money back by conducting training in both customer service and workplace harassment. Both courses went very well. I am very happy with the material!

    Ashley Willis,
    Houston Training Solutions

    The training products I received from your company are fantastic! I am thoroughly impressed and they have far exceeded my expectations in quality and professionalism. The customer service and attention to detail provided is outstanding! You designed a training package that more than meets my needs. Thank you!

    Pamela Wiggins
    Wiggins Management & Consulting, LLC
  • Thank you so much for your note, and for the professionalism of all the Corporate Training Materials team, that made my dealing such a very pleasant experience.

    Mohamed Abdelrazek,
    Independent Trainer

    Thanks for the excellent experience we had with your organization.
    I know, it's been a year already and all what we have experienced is EXCELLENCE. We are very, very pleased and it was one of the best investments that we had during last year. I thank you again for the great assistance your material were to us, and for the great investment we had with your organization.

    Maisa Karkotli
    OUSOS HR & Institutional Development
  • When I came upon your training library I was intrigued. I not only purchased the soft skills package, my VP of HR suggested we get the Microsoft package as well.

    Peggy Ann Anderholm
    Manager, Education and Workforce Development
    Marvin Windows and Doors

    Thank you so very much for the entire set. I am very happy to see how professionally you have made each training module. I am sure this will help me a lot to start my training business. It has really saved my time.