Administrative Skills Bundle

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Administrative Skills Bundle

Administrative Skills Bundle

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Bundle and save! This is a bundle of training materials for administrative skills courses everything you need to deliver professional one-day workshops, tailored to your exact needs!

Trainer's guide, workbooks, PowerPoint slides, activities, exercises, and more! All fully customizable and print-on-demand.

This is a one-time investment for all of these courses: lifetime licensing for an unlimited number of workshop participants.



Course Outline

Administrative Office Procedures
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Why Your Office Needs Administrative Procedures
  3. Module Three: Gathering the Right Tools
  4. Module Four: Identifying Procedures to Include
  5. Module Five: Top Five Procedures to Record
  6. Module Six: What to Include in Your Binder (I)
  7. Module Seven: What to Include in Your Binder (II)
  8. Module Eight: Organizing Your Binder
  9. Module Nine: What Not to Include in the Procedure Guide
  10. Module Ten: Share Office Procedure Guide
  11. Module Eleven: Successfully Executing the Guide
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping up
Administrative Support
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Getting Organized, Part One
  3. Module Three: Getting Organized, Part Two
  4. Module Four: Managing Time
  5. Module Five: Getting It All Done On Time
  6. Module Six: Special Tasks
  7. Module Seven: Verbal Communication Skills
  8. Module Eight: Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  9. Module Nine: Empowering Yourself
  10. Module Ten: The Team of Two
  11. Module Eleven: Taking Care of Yourself
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Basic Bookkeeping
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Basic Terminology (I)
  3. Module Three: Basic Terminology (II)
  4. Module Four: Accounting Methods
  5. Module Five: Keeping Track of Your Business
  6. Module Six: Understanding the Balance Sheet
  7. Module Seven: Other Financial Statements
  8. Module Eight: Payroll Accounting / Terminology
  9. Module Nine: End of Period Procedures
  10. Module Ten: Financial Planning, Budgeting and Control
  11. Module Eleven: Auditing
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Business Writing
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Working with Words
  3. Module Three: Constructing Sentences
  4. Module Four: Creating Paragraphs
  5. Module Five: Writing Meeting Agendas
  6. Module Six: Writing E-mails
  7. Module Seven: Writing Business Letters
  8. Module Eight: Writing Proposals
  9. Module Nine: Writing Reports
  10. Module Ten: Other Types of Documents
  11. Module Eleven: Proofreading and Finishing
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Collaborative Business Writing
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: What is Collaborative Business Writing?
  3. Module Three: Types of Collaborative Business Writing
  4. Module Four: Collaborative Team Members
  5. Module Five: Collaborative Tools and Processes
  6. Module Six: Setting Style Guidelines
  7. Module Seven: Barriers to Successful Collaborative Writing
  8. Module Eight: Overcoming Collaborative Writing Barriers
  9. Module Nine: Styles of Dealing with Conflict
  10. Module Ten: Tips for Successful Business Writing Collaboration
  11. Module Eleven: Examples of Collaborative Business Writing
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Executive and Personal Assistants
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Working with Your Manager
  3. Module Three: Administrative Soft Skills
  4. Module Four: Effective Time Management
  5. Module Five: Meeting Management
  6. Module Six: Tools of the Trade (I)
  7. Module Seven: Tools of the Trade (II)
  8. Module Eight: Being an Effective Gatekeeper
  9. Module Nine: Organizational Skills
  10. Module Ten: Confidentiality Guidelines
  11. Module Eleven: Special Tasks
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Meeting Management
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Planning and Preparing (I)
  3. Module Three: Planning and Preparing (II)
  4. Module Four: Setting up the Meeting Space
  5. Module Five: Electronic Options
  6. Module Six: Meeting Roles and Responsibilities
  7. Module Seven: Chairing a Meeting (I)
  8. Module Eight: Chairing a Meeting (II)
  9. Module Nine: Dealing with Disruptions
  10. Module Ten: Taking Minutes
  11. Module Eleven: Making the Most of Your Meeting
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Organizational Skills
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Remove the Clutter
  3. Module Three: Prioritize
  4. Module Four: Scheduling Your Time
  5. Module Five: To Do Lists
  6. Module Six: Paper and Paperless Storage
  7. Module Seven: Organization Your Work Area
  8. Module Eight: Tools to Fight Procrastination
  9. Module Nine: Organizing your Inbox
  10. Module Ten: Avoid the Causes of Disorganization
  11. Module Eleven: Discipline is the Key to Stay Organized
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Social Media in the Workplace
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: What is Social Media?
  3. Module Three: Defining Your Social Media Policy (I)
  4. Module Four: Defining Your Social Media Policy (II)
  5. Module Five: Creating a Living Document
  6. Module Six: Keeping an Eye on Security
  7. Module Seven: Rules to Follow When Posting (I)
  8. Module Eight: Rules to Follow When Posting (II)
  9. Module Nine: Benefits of Social media
  10. Module Ten: The Pitfalls of Social Media
  11. Module Eleven: Listen to Your Customersi>
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
Supply Chain Management
  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Why Supply Chain Management?
  3. Module Three: Key Terms (I)
  4. Module Four: Key Terms (II)
  5. Module Five: Three Levels of Supply Chain Management
  6. Module Six: Five Stages of Supply Chain Management
  7. Module Seven: The Flows of Supply Chain Management
  8. Module Eight: Inventory Management
  9. Module Nine: Supply Chain Groups
  10. Module Ten: Tracking and Monitoring
  11. Module Eleven: Supply Chain Event Management
  12. Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

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Lifetime License – Unlimited Audience
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  • Since purchasing the course material I have already made my money back by conducting training in both customer service and workplace harassment. Both courses went very well. I am very happy with the material!

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    The training products I received from your company are fantastic! I am thoroughly impressed and they have far exceeded my expectations in quality and professionalism. The customer service and attention to detail provided is outstanding! You designed a training package that more than meets my needs. Thank you!

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  • Thank you so much for your note, and for the professionalism of all the Corporate Training Materials team, that made my dealing such a very pleasant experience.

    Mohamed Abdelrazek,
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    Thanks for the excellent experience we had with your organization.
    I know, it's been a year already and all what we have experienced is EXCELLENCE. We are very, very pleased and it was one of the best investments that we had during last year. I thank you again for the great assistance your material were to us, and for the great investment we had with your organization.

    Maisa Karkotli
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  • When I came upon your training library I was intrigued. I not only purchased the soft skills package, my VP of HR suggested we get the Microsoft package as well.

    Peggy Ann Anderholm
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    Thank you so very much for the entire set. I am very happy to see how professionally you have made each training module. I am sure this will help me a lot to start my training business. It has really saved my time.